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The standard or conventional markets are utilized for larger, established contractors who regularly need bonds. Due to the accounts' frequent needs, it is most beneficial to establish a bond program on a single bond as well as an aggregate basis. It is critical to assume the continuity of this program by providing current underwriting information, especially financial statements, on a timely basis.

This program is designed specifically for attorneys and principals. The process of obtainins these bonds has been simplified and the typical turnaround time is 24 hours after receipt of all underwriting information.

Please provide the following for each bond request:

1) A properly completed, signed and notarized application.
2) The state probate bond form and appointment papers or a copy of the complaint and your response to the complaint.
3) A financial statement of the principal and/or the estate.

Please contact us with any questions. Thank you for the opportunity to handle your bond needs!

Contractor Express Program
This program is designed specifically for small construction projects under $500,000. The typical turnaround time for this program is 24 hours after the submission is sent in. Also, corporate and personal tax returns can be used instead of CPA financial statements, which makes this program perfect for small contractors looking to get bonded. Other conditions apply. Please contact us for all program details.

Common Bond Questions
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Bond Basics
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Check List
Here's what you will need to be considered for a bond program with Northeast Surety, LLC.
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